"En sverm av gresshopper i Kairo"

Text about Cairo Video Festival publiced in Wuxia tidsskrift for filmkultur 1-2, 2017


Norwegian translation: Mira Refseth Langeland


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"What is the act of buying a fruit?"

Text written for Kristina Bengtsson's exhibition Footnotes at Gallery Melk, Oslo, 2016


Read the full text here (English)

"Velkommen hjem"

Text written for Mette Clausen's exhibition Hjem II

at Hjem, Copenhagen, 2016


Read the full text here (Danish)


"Den umulige ikke-handling"

Text written for Marie Thams' and Maj Hasager's

exhibition Handlingens resonans at Viborg Kunsthal, 2015


Read the full text here (Danish and English)