Performance series at X and Beyond, Copenhagen

With Sandra Mujinga, Jenny Gräf, Sidsel Christensen, Louise Haugaard Jørgensen and Lotte løvholm

November 2 - 5, 2016


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Reclaim Rehearse

Taipei Contemporary Art Center video lounge at Lightbox, Taipei

With Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Anne Haaning, Maria Meinild, Lil Wachmann and Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen

September 30, 2016


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So this is what you look like from inside

Funen Art Academy's 3rd year show

City Hall, Odense


With Dyveke Bredsdorff, Pernille Kragh Christensen, Adrian Delafontaine, Morten Warborg Hansen, Nina Helledie, Bertil Heltoft, Jeppe Jørgensen, Inés Ruiz De La Prada Martín-Artajo, Lea Momberg, Rune Elkjær Rasmussen, Luna Emilie Printz Scales, Kate Sterchi and Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen


May 11 - 21, 2016

Gray Shoes Company

Performance installation with Yu Cheng-Ta at c4 projects, Copenhagen

November 7 - 29, 2015


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New Shelter Plan

Non-profit exhibition space in Copenhagen


Part of the daily management between 2014 and 2015 together with Johan Rosenmunthe, Wendy Plovmand, Stine Slot Tobiasen and Erik Duckert


In a series of solos and group exhibitions by Danish and internatioal artists, New Shelter Plan has been Showing new works by among others Jonas Lund, Nanna Debois Buhl, Jordan Tate, Rick Silva, Guston Sondin-Kung, Jeanette Ehlers, Kevin Malcolm, Sidsel Christensen, Jesper Just, Søren Thilo Funder, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Anne Haaning, Julie Bitsch, Astrid Myntekær and more


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